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Tool Control

A full range of multi-head CNC routers, and the very latest Licom Systems - Alphacam CAD/CAM Software, means that IMP have the latest technology available. This combined with over 12 years CNC machining experience means we are fully equipped to provide a cutting edge service in Tool Control Inserts. The multi-head machines have increased our rate of production, reduced our lead times, whilst producing the highest possible quality.

If your tool control system requires labelling there are many styles, colours and fonts available. We bond the labels into machined rebates ensuring the labels are not easily removed through wear and tear.

You can choose from various different coloured foams, perhaps to suit the signature colours of your company, your tools, or the theme of your workshop. This also helps the technician to easily identify when tools are missing.

If you have a need for tool control machined inserts, simply provide IMP with your drawer or tool tray sizes, your range of tools or CAD data, and a diagram or photo of your preferred layout. Leave the rest to us! We can also provide a speedy quotation from just the sizes of the foam, and the total number of tools to be included.

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