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Corrugated Plastic Solutions


Corrugated Plastic (sometimes known as Correx) is a lightweight and durable alternative to cardboard or plastic and has many uses. It is commonly used to make signs as it is easily printed. It comes in various colours, and has lightweight and weatherproof properties. It is also used to make re-usable trays, cartons, containers and divider systems, all of which are available from IMP.


A stackable Correx container, die-cut and fabricated to your specified sizes. This container features an integrated flush-fitted label holder and a robust extruded plastic rim and corner fittings. Inside is an EV Lam (foam laminated Correx) divider system, ideal for stowage of components with sensitive (easily damaged) surfaces.


This example shows a stackable Correx container with custom made medium density foam castellations. The flexibility of the sizes of the containers means that they are an ideal solution for components that do not fit into standard moulded plastic containers.


This example of a Correx carry container has a polystyrene insert and cap to help retain a constant temperature inside. You could also utilise a divider system or foam insert to separate and protect your products or equipment, all of which are available from IMP. If you require a particular style of correx solution that is not shown, please call a member of our team who will be happy to help. We may be able to provide exactly what you are looking for.

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